How to FIX a Corrupted USB Flash Drive Step-by-Step with pictures

how to fix a corrupted USb

It really hurts when one of your most precious USB flash drive gets corrupted and you think that now it is useless and you throw it away. Wait! we have a solution for you. Today we will show you that how you can make your beloved USB Flash Drive working perfectly once again.

How to FIX a Corrupted USB:

So let’s get your Corrupted USB working back again!

First of all Put on your USB into your PC and open “My Computer” now double click on your USB file. Is it not opening? Is it giving error  “The File or directory is corrupted and unreadable”? Like this:

how to fix a corrupted USB

Oh, then I am sorry I can’t help you to Fix this! 🙁

Wait!! don’t close it Just Kidding xD

First of all Press Win + R key on your keyboard. A new Window called “RUN” will Pop-up.

how to fix corrupted USB

Now type “Diskpart” in it.

A new window called “cmd” will open. Now in the cmd type ” List Disk”

how to fix corrupted USB

It will now show you the storages that are now plugged into your PC. You can see in the above image that the first one which is “Disk 0” it is my Hard Disk which is 500GB. And the “Disk 1” is my USB which is 8GB. Your USB might be disk 2 or 3 depends on how much storage devices you have plugged into your PC. I only have my HDD and USB so it is just showing two Devices.

Because now we are fixing the USB so we need to select the USB to do this type ” select disk 1″.

how to fix corrupted USB

When you type this it will show you “Disk 1 is now selected”

Warning: Now we are going to do the most important part do this with care, or you will face loss 🙂

If you are fixing your SD card in this case then first type ” detail disk” it will show the details of your selected disk as well as it will also show that if this Disk can be formatted or is write protected.

how to fix corrupted USB

Once you have selected and confirmed the Disk now clean the disk to do this type “clean” if you have more then one partition of your disk then you need to type “clean all”

how to fix corrupted USB

If your CMD show any error when you type “clean” then type the command “clean” again. Now once your disk is cleaned the next step is to type “create partition primary”

how to fix corrupted USB

Now type in “select partition 1”:

how to fix corrupted USB

Now you need to activate your Disk so type the command “active”:

how to fix corrupted USB

So finally now your corrupted USB will be fixed now but still, one last step is left. Don’t be tired you didn’t did anything so hard, its easy af! So the last step is to Type ” format fs=fat32 quick”.

how to fix corrupted USB

Boom! your Corrupted USB is fixed if not then throw it JK xD it will be fixed. If you like this article Share it with your noob friends too so they will also be able to fix there USB!.


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